The Madagastar Esports Arena is a pioneering and leading international eSports event in Ghana. During Madagastar events, gaming tournaments, bringing together the best players in the world and their fans, are organized and produced as entertaining shows.

Today the Competitons are held more than 5 times per year with champions’ selections organized at the Biggest Shopping Mall In Africa, West Africa Ghana.

During the past years, Madagastar Esports Arena has been contributing to the development of electronic sports, while aiming for universality, sportsmanship and the production of innovative and entertaining content.


The Madagastar Esports Arena was created by Igor Tenousseh.B, current CEO  and subsequently Games-Services until now. The first two events were organised at West Hills Mall in Ghana. The unique and innovative showcasing of gaming matches, played out on stage in front of a live audience, with live commentated broadcasts, quickly made the Madagastar Esports Arena  a pioneering event and a leader in eSport communities in Africa. Since then the Master League finals have been held at the West Hills Mall (Africa’s Biggest Shopping Mall)

Over the years, the Madagastar events have witnessed many sponsors coming on board to ensure that Gaming Community takes shape. Sponsors like Westhills Mall, Accra Mall , SilverBird Cinemas, GTV sports, isocial, t best, Newyork Sizzler, Pluzz fm, TV Africa, Graphic Communications Group, TV3.


Our Doors are always open to partnership and sponsorhips

Madgastar Esports Arena has been designing and developing its own arena.  We have announced new tournament called Master’s League.

Every year, we organise the Journey, our main event. We organize 6 tournaments Fifa PES, Mortal KOMBAT, NBA, Injustice, Racing game. It’s all event you meet all gamers under one ruff and their fans Follow by prizes. Champions league Only FIFA and PES tournament where place gets to play qualification Before the tournament begins 1month for qualification and 1 week for the grand final Goodbye Tournaments FIFA & PES. This event is to climax the outgoing of the version of FIFA & PES. Master League: this event is held every December and there are amazing prizes to be won, alongside other souvenirs. Comfort and entertainment is certain.and the Madagastar Esports Arena.

The first of its kind, the clash of the best Ghana has ever seen, the ceiling of all the tournaments ever taken place in Ghana, dubbed “ MASTER LEAGUE ”. WHAT IS MASTER LEAGUE ? This is the gathering of top best FIFA players in the nation to battle and prove of who the best is. A offline league of 20 players who have proven their worth over time and have become house hold names in the E-sports world, in and outside the country.