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Madagastar eSports is a hub for gamers who want to have immediate  access  the best the industry has to offer. Those who play the latest and most popular eSports, watch famous streamers and major competitions unfold in real-time will find a home here. We strive to expand our community of enthusiastic members and are always open to new partnerships.

eSports Event Organizers – Your Place is With Us!

Madagastar eSports caters to both recreational and professional players who watch and participate in eSports competitions. We are happy to partner up with brands that host such events for a broad spectrum of popular video games. Our partners will benefit from the exposure generated by having reviews and articles published on madagastar.  We’ll gladly list your competitions and make them visible to our visitors.

Streamers – Showcase Your Skills with Us

Madagastar has the utmost respect for players who dominate video games and inspire others. As promoters of the eSports industry, we’re happy to partner up with streamers and link their channels on our website. Our vibrant community of players will enjoy watching this new breed of e-athletes showcase their skills. Whether you choose to broadcast your daily matches or stream tournament games, feel free to pitch your idea to us.

Media Partnerships

A quick glance at our website will highlight the fact that we go to great lengths to cover all important eSports games. Those who organize online or land-based competitions, events or any other types of tournaments are welcomed as our partners. If you are the proud host of such an event, you have arrived at the right place and this can turn into a mutually lucrative partnership. We will give your tournament the exposure it deserves, by listing it and promoting it to our members.


If you feel that a benefit between madagastar eSports and yourself or your company could be beneficial and if any of this appeals to you, please drop us a line!

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