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On Saturday, 15th June 2019, MADAGASTAR Esports will host its second official ESPORTS CONFERENCE which will be the curtain raiser for the 2019 Ghana e-League competition – MASTER LEAGUE.
Madagastar Esports is calling out to all qualified players, Esports organizations, the press, bloggers, video game enthusiasts, and the general public to make it a point to be present at the conference at 9am at the Madagastar Esports Arena situated next to Silverbird cinemas on the first floor of the West Hills Mall.
Purpose of the upcoming Esports Meeting:
To officially launch the new 2019 e-League season and address an array of topical issues that are affecting the Esports industry in Ghana.

Topics To Be Addressed:

  • Launching of the new season
  • Live zonal draw
  • Rules and regulations for the Master League
  • Responsibilities of an Esports player
  • How to benefit as an Esports player
  • How to join the Esports federation
  • Players & organizational discipline
  • The state of Esports in Ghana etc…
  • Q&A