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The management of Madagastar E-sports would like to express support in these trying times to all members of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), all teams of the Zylofon Cash Premier League and subdivisions, passionate supporters and to the entire football-loving citizens of our dear country, Ghana.

We understand the pain and disappointment in the hearts of people all over the country as we all await the decision of the government concerning the way forward. We believe that the recent turn of events over the past few days has brought us down to a level we have never been before as a nation. However, we have faith in ourselves us a people that we will overcome, and Ghana will rise again to the forefront of African football.

It is this belief in our strength and the passion for football in the hearts of us at Madagastar, that we assure all concerned individuals that, although all leagues and other football related activities have been dissolved.

We know and appreciate the love Ghanaians have for football, and although we have been hurt and betrayed, the passion still lives in us. Therefore we urge everyone not to be disappointed. GOD TIME IS THE BEST

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