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The Master League competition is made up of a total of 76 players contesting in four separate divisions. 20 players in Division three ,20 players in Division two, 20 players in Division one , and 16 players in the Premier League.The Master League runs just like a real-world league. Players play a 2-leg match against each other in their respective leagues in a bid to win first place. Just like the real world, players are promoted and relegated at the end of the league based on their total points collected.The bottom 4 placed players will be relegated to the division below while the top 4 placed players will gain promotion to the division above. The bottom 4 placed players in Division three will be removed from the Master League competition and can only re-enter again by qualifying from The Journey knockout tournament that takes place at the beginning of each year. *HOW DO I PARTICIPATE IN THE MASTER LEAGUE?*Each year, only 4 players will have the opportunity to join the remaining players in the Master League competition.These 4 newcomers will need to finish in the top 4 of The Journey; a knockout competition that brings together over 256 players to do battle against each other. Players will knock out their opponents until an ultimate winner is crowned. The winner, together with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed players will then qualify to replace the relegated bottom 4 players in Division three of the Master League. *WHEN DOES THE MASTER LEAGUE KICK OFF?The Master League kicks off in June of every year. The first round matches of the 20119 season will kick off on Saturday,  June 22nd  2019 at exactly 9am with Division three. The remaining divisions will follow in the consecutive weekends until the last round of games are played on Saturday 10th August, 2019.

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