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The Orange-Tunisia 2020 PES qualifiers had a total of 256 players who registered to participate in the competition. Out of these 256, only 16 players had valid passports, which is a requirement for the competition.

The Esports industry is globally recognized and participated by hundreds of nations. Madagastar Esports has positioned itself in promoting Ghana Esports on the international stage by creating partnerships with most of the highly recognized brands in Esports, to make sure players from Ghana get the same opportunities to compete in competitions with the rest of the world.

Players however, own it to themselves to have the necessary resources that will enable them to compete in both local and international tournaments as and when necessary. These include consoles, controllers, personal online accounts, travel documents, etc.

A lot of highly talented players have missed out on this opportunity to represent Ghana internationally due to a lack of passport.

If you are a gamer this is for YOU. Do not limit your talent. Be ready all the time!